The History of Italian Serie A

serie a

Italian Serie A is a football league competition that is organized by Italian systemof football league as well as has been operated since the season of 1929-1930. The league had been managed by Lega Calcio by the end of 2010 before the league was built in the season of 2010-2011. Serie A is considered to be one of the best league in the planet and it is habitually illustrated as the most deliberatenational league. Serie A was the best football league in the 190s and has scorednumerous finalist of famous European Cup. In fact, the league is ranked as the fourth best football league among European football league such as Premier League, La Liga, and Bundesliga. It’s also ranked as fifth football league in the world according to the IFFHS rating of 2011.
The Championship of Italian Football was revised from contesting interregional and regional leg, to a single league from the season of 1929-1930 beyond. The championship cup titles triumph was recognized by FIGC. Nevertheless, when the league was contested by two regional groups was not considered statistically even it was completely official.
The league was the only football league that produced the three members of G-14, a football group which embodied the most prestigious and the largest European football clubs. There are many players that won Ballon D’Or award as well. Milan is the following club that won many international cup worldwide with eighteen winning. Juventus is the most triumphant team that ranked in fourth of the biggest European clubs. Internazionale was the first of Italian team which won a treble. Milan, Juventus, Fiorentina, Roma, Napoli and Lazio are famous as the Italian seven sister football of Italian league
The league format
The football league was contested by sixteen to eighteen clubs that compete at thehigh level, but there have actually been twenty clubs that contested in the league since 2004-2005 seasons. During the football league, occasionally from Augustuntil May, every club needs to play each of other teams twice, once away and once at home, totaling thirty eight games on behalf of every team in the end of the league season. Therefore, format round-robin is adopted within  this league. Theseason of first half is called andata where every team plays against opponents from each league for nineteen games in total. The season of second half is called ritomo where the location of the game was switched. Each team will be given three points when they win, one points for a match draw result and zero points when they loss. Furthermore, the Coppa Italia was contested by the teams which placed from the first to sixth place.  In general, the top five Serie A teams will compete to achieve Coppa Italia or Italian cup. The three lowest teams  place will bedowngraded to Serie B.
The league started in 1929. Starting 1898 until 1922 the football competition was organized into several local groups. As the growth of teams was huge, FICG split the Football Confederation of Italy (CCI) straight away in 1921. Because of internal crisis within the FICG, the federation then was adding up teams from southern regions to join the football division in 1926. There was no title awarded after FICG (Football Federation of Italy) stripped the champions, Torino. Afterwards, Torino then announced to be the champion in 1948-1949 of league season which following a terrible plane collision near the end of the league season where the entire teams were killed.
The championship of Italian league sometimes is referred to scudetto because ofleague season of 1924-1925 the winner will put up Italian tricolor attributes.

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Hidden Talent of Herrera

HerreraThere is always a solution for a problem, and it is probably what Manchester United seeks regarding their team problem. The team is facing a great uncertainty for the goal keeper because there is no exact person that will be the one. The reason why such misfortune happens is due to the fact that both goal keepers of Manchester United are able to move to another club.
There are two goal keepers of Manchester United who are demanded in the player market; they are David De Gea and Victor Valdes. Both keepers are great player, and that is why other teams are considering them as the replacement or addition of current keeper. Manchester United is politically finding a new way so that the club gets the best offer ever from other teams in the market.
In the cloud of confusion, there was a fun story happening in the training area of Manchester United. Ander Herrera showed his hidden – if not unique skills that can be solution for the problem inside the Red Devil. In the training session, he magically turned into a goal keeper with decent capability. Before starting the preseason against American Football Clubs, Herrera successfully blocked some players to score a goal. He blocked the balls using his hands by boosting and jumping to corners – the targeted area for scoring a goal. He successfully defended the ball from making goal, and he did it three times.
His performance when training is actually not really essential for decision maker in any way. It is due to some reasons. The first is because the Herrera is competent mid-fielder. Losing him by replacing him as keeper will only make the condition of Manchester United worse in terms of group work. The replacement may not be able to work well because they need adjustment for having match against Americans football club. Secondly, even if he wants to be a professional goal keeper, he has to follow intensive training which will never be enough for the next battle against Americans. That way, it is actually impossible to him to be a perfect replacement of MU’s goal keeper especially for this season.
Herrera is great football player especially for mid-fielder. It is important for them to focus on his position instead of changing into a goal keeper – though it really seems impossible. The condition of goal keeper in Manchester United can be fixed quickly by fixing the deal. The latest news is that De Gea will stay in the Manchester United up to this season because Real Madrid decides to keep Sergio Ramos. The reason for the decision is because Real Madrid wants to buy De Gea cheaper in next session in free transfer instead of rushing to purchase the talented keeper directly from MU. There is also presupposition that there will be a new keeper replacing Victor Valdes since he is not involved in official America Tour. Whatever the reason, it is worth to note that everyone in Manchester United is talented, and anyone could possess hidden talents just like Herrera.

Manchester City Purchased Expensive Liverpool Player

Raheem-SterlingEnglish football really needs competent players for each club to pursue winning in every single match. In this July, Manchester City made a purchase of an expensive football player that is supposed to bring glory to the club. It really seemed like a speculation, but looking at the player it is possible that it will lead Manchester City into the next level. The player who is purchased by Manchester is Raheem Sterling. He is actually a young football player since he is only 20. However, he becomes the most-wanted football player and most expensive player for English football.
As the most expensive player, Manchester City did a purchase to contract him for $76 million. It is actually a very expensive cost for such young player, and it should worth the cost. There are many things that make considerations of Manchester City purchasing this young player. Firstly, he scored 18 goals in England top competitions. In his young age, such achievement is awesome. Moreover, he also had been joining national team for 16 times, and scored 1 goal on the event. Due to such achievement that is embedded in this talented player, there is no wonder why Manchester City purchase this young player in higher price compared to Ronny and Beckham
This great player has signed a contract for the 5 years of playing on the great fields in England and other places if allowed. The overall appearance of this player is only 95, yet he already gets attention from Manchester City. Again, it always makes sense if he is rewarded that way. Previously Sterling is priced at around $15 million in Queens Park Rangers. It was 2010, and 5 years really change his value significantly. Manchester really seems careful in player transaction because the club only signed two additional players for the next season. The decision to hire Sterling as the player also contributes to the decision for further transaction.
As the partner of the transaction, Liverpool does not seem to hold back in the transaction window. The club, once gained great amount of funds, decided to add some football players for the club. There are Danny Ings, Joe Gomez, Nathaniel Clyne, Adam Bogdan, and Roberto Firmino. All of those players are believed to be able to bring luck to Liverpool. That is why the club is confidently purchased all of those players. As one of the most active club to have transition in market, Liverpool also has stated the completion of transaction of Sterling. It ends all questions regarding whether or not this talented guy move to Manchester City.
After all of struggles and cooperation with Liverpool, Sterling should continue his future career in Manchester City. In this young age he will be able to improve his capability in attacking because he is always great front-liner. The decision of the club should be beneficial to the team, and that is what has been expected by the manager. The fans should be happy too because he is talented person, and there is no need to worry about his playing performance on the field.

Facts and Spotlights about The 2010 Fifa World Cup

2010 was a big year for celebration. People love this year not only for happiness and joy in their lives but also because so many fun things happened in that year. One of them is The 2010 FIFA competition.
We can’t deny that FIFA world cup always become a nice thing to celebrate. Not only because this competition full with histories and interesting stories in the field, but because so many facts and spotlights you can find in every year of the competition. The world cup itself was first held in 1930 and after that, become a standard to prove the quality of many football teams. The tournament is getting exclusive and so many other countries wish they can join this world-cup competition too. If you think the 2010 FIFA is one of the greatest ones you can’t forget, then let’s know more about facts and spotlights about it!
– As we know that the winner of this football tournament is Spain. They beat Netherlands in a very competitive final match. But not all people know that Spain is in its first final match of FIFA tournament, because they never won before. Spain as a winner means they win the biggest price and bring a good news for their own pride of country.
– The rival of Spain, Netherlands, topped the first rank for become a team with the most yellow cards ever in the 2010 FIFA. For yellow carded players, the whole total is 245 players.
-The spotlights are here, the boys with wonderful performances: Thomas Muller from Germany team, Iker Casilass from Spain team and Diego Forlan from Uruguay.  They achieved great appreciation like Thomas Mueller who won the FIFA Golden Boot award, as well as Diego Forlán with the FIFA Golden Ball award and Iker Casillas with the Golden Glove award. The 2010 Fifa tournament also make their names become higher and more popular in the football world.
– The 2010 FIFA tournament held in Africa but in fact, only Ghana were the last surviving African team in the competition but lost it to Uruguay. It means the hope for Africa to reach top place in the FIFA world cup is still so far.
– The FIFA world cup competition itself was a hit in that year, watched by 500.000.000 people around the world. The broadcast itself aired in 215 countries and not only that, topics and talks were everywhere, on social media and news.
– Spain marked a new history as European team who have won the competition after the last time in 1938 by Italy. Of course, for Spain, that was a very happy achievement not only to say, efforts and hard works they did at the tournament.
Overall, there will be always interesting facts and spotlights in FIFA competition, including the 2010 as the best one. Every FIFA tournaments not only give happiness for the team and players, but also become a celebration for all audiences and football lovers. We can say that we always wait for the next FIFA world cup competition!

Bizarre Events in English Premier League History

English Premier League is one of national football leagues that receive the most international attention. Teeming with the most well-known superstars from all around the world and always offering some of the greatest football matches to its fans, the league has been considered an elite league that becomes worldwide favorite. Many bizarre events have occurred in Premier League history and just like its superb matches, those events are also always under the spotlight. The following are some of the most bizarre events ever occurring in the league history that will surely draw your attention.

Rio Ferdinand’s costly negligence

When the law requires that every player undergo drug test, they shouldn’t take it lightly. Although football law regarding drug test is considered the lightest among all sports, player’s negligence to undergo it can yield a costly consequence. Rio Ferdinand proves that when he misses the test. Due to his negligence, he has to be banned from any football games for eight month and be fined £50,000. He even has to forgo Euro 2004 due to his 8-month suspension.

Giggs’s Affairs

Ryan Giggs’s scandal is possibly one of the biggest story in football history that emerges in the media in 2012. Being the most respected elder of the Red Devils, Ryan Giggs seems to be a settled guy with happy family and far from all romantic volatilities that most of his younger counterparts experience. This, however, has to change when his two affairs have to be settled in the court, one of which involves his extra-marital affair with Imogen Thomas, a former Miss Wales and Big Brother contestant, and the other—the more bizarre one—involves his eight-year affair with Natasha Giggs, his brother’s wife.

Van Nistelrooy Gunned

During Arsenal’s peak season, a fight occurs between Arsenal players and Ruud van Nistelrooy. After the latter fails to score a last-minute penalty goal, several players of the Gunners attack him physically because of his behavior throughout the match.

John Terry’s Affair

This is another affair that further sparks the celebrity life of English Premier League superstars. Just like Giggs, John Terry is well known for his decency. Therefore, when his extra-marital affair with French model Vanessa Perroncel, who is also Wayne Bridge’s former lover, and the rumors of Perroncel’s pregnancy and subsequent abortion appear in the media, he feels the need to take out a super-injunction to hide this shameful affair from the public. This affair also causes Wayne Bridge to be expelled from the Blues.

John Terry the Racist

John Terry further damages his own reputation after mouthing a racist word against QPR player Anton Ferdinand by calling him f*ck*ng bl*ck c*nt. On November 1, 2011, he was put under arrest and in 2012, he got the punishment, which included a £220,000 fine and a four-match suspension. Racism has always been a serious problem that has troubled other fellow Premier League players like Luis Suarez and Patrick Evra and even referees like Mark Clattenburg, despite the rigorous efforts to eliminate it.

The Most Bizarre Goals in English Premier League History

What makes Premier League matches great to watch is their fancy goals; however, some goals that happen in the league can be so fancy that they become bizarre and often controversial. If you are curious about the most bizarre and controversial goals in English Premier League history, here are four goals that are still considered debatable even until today.

Luis Garcia’s ‘ghost goal’ for Liverpool

This ghost goal actually occurred not within Premier League competition; however, because this goal, which occurred during the 2004–05 UEFA Champions League semi-final match between Chelsea and Liverpool, was the cause of the coining of the term “Ghost Goal” in the English language, this controversial goal is worth mentioning here.

The one who coined the term was Chelsea manager Jose Maurinho, who saw that Luis Garcia’s goal for Liverpool that was awarded by referee Ľuboš Micheľ was deemed invalid because even television replays didn’t show that the ball had actually crossed the line. Later research on still images of the incident, however, showed that the ball had actually crossed the line, thereby affirming the correctness of Michel’s decision. Although the goal is still considered controversial, it is ironic to see that the coining of the term ghost goal is not based on an actual ghost goal.

Nat Lofthouse’s controversial goal.

This is probably one the oldest controversial goals ever recorded in English football history. In 1958, many tactics that could be used to force the ball to cross the line were considered legal. Therefore, when Nat Lofthouse, then a Bolton legend, scored a goal by barging the Manchester United goalkeeper Harry Gregg over the line using his shoulder, the goal was deemed valid because the rules at that time permitted such goal to be made. This incidence became one of the reasons of the passing of a new rule determining that any physical contact with goalkeeper was deemed a foul.

Nani’s bizarre goal against Tottenham

This bizarre goal affirms how important referee’s whistle is in a football match. In a match between Manchester United vs. Tottenham, Nani scored a surprising and controversial goal when the match was only five minutes toward the final whistle. Believing that this Portuguese midfielder had made a foul after touching the ball with his hand, Tottenham goalkeeper and defensive players thought that they had been granted a free-kick. Technically, Nani’s action was indeed a foul; however, because neither Referee Mark Clattenburg nor his assistants on the sideline didn’t blow the whistle, the free-kick theoretically had not been granted. It was thus considered legitimate if Nani stood up, snatched the ball and tapped it to the net when Tottenham goalkeeper put it for a free-kick position. His foul was not considered relevant anymore and could not be used as a base to annul the goal.

Darren Bent’s balloon goal

Darren Bent’s direct shot to the Liverpool net might not be harmful if there was no stray balloon that came from nowhere but suddenly rolled just in front of the goal line. The harmless ball was suddenly deflected by the balloon and went directly through Reina’s goal post. Theoretically, this rare incident should actually result in a drop-ball instead of a goal.

UEFA Europa League

In Europe, football has been like the number one sport game that most Europeans love. One of the most popular tournaments there is called as UEFA Europa League. UEFA Europa League is an annual footbal competition held by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) since the year of 1971. This championship allows a number of European football clubs to join in. Some of the famous clubs which have been competing in this league are Arsenal, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Juventus, and many others.

Before changing into UEFA Europa League, this championship used to be known as UEFA Cup. However, it changed into as what people know nowadays since 2009. Its name is not the only thing that is changed. The format of the game is also refurbished. As an example, when it was still called as UEFA Cup, the group format used in the first round was eight groups which consisted of five teams. Three teams from each group would continue to the next phase with elimination system as well as with each team were joined in the third place of Champions League. Each team would play two games in the elimination system. One was away game, and the other was home game. If both games were resulted with tie, away goals were available in this system. The final round was held once in place selected by the UEFA.

After it became UEFA Europa League in 2009, there is a slight change in the format. In today’s format, the eight groups of five teams is changed into twelve groups of  four teams. In addition, each team must play two home games and two away games which became four games in total in the previous format. Now, there are six games in total that each team must play, either it is away game or home game. Another change can be seen from how several teams are included into the elimination round. In the old format, they had to play in UEFA Intertoto Cup first to get into that round.

In order to join the UEFA Europa League, the football clubs must have some great records of game. Those records are like their performances in either leagues or main cup competitions. So, if they win many leagues or at least become runner-up for several times, then they will be allowed to join the UEFA Europa League. Usually, there are more than 100 teams from a number of UEFA member associations will participate in this league. In 2014, there are 195 teams from 54 member associations joined the competition. These teams will be divided into some other teams, which are considered to be seeded and unseeded. After that, those teams will have three qualifying rounds in which each of them will be held in different schedules. From those three rounds, 48 teams are collected. These teams will be included into 12 groups of four to play in group stage. From that round, 32 teams will compete again in knock-out phase. This competition will go on from the round of 32 to round of 16 to quarter-finals to semi finals and then finally to the final round. In the 2014-15 UEFA Europa League, the championship is won by the team from Spain, Sevilla. That is their fourth time winning after the ones in 2006, 2007, 2014, and 2015. These records make Sevilla becoming the most successful club.

2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Many people love watching this sport either on television or directly at the stadium where the match is going on. One of the football championships in which most people always wait for is the FIFA World Cup. There are many football teams from different nations represent their country to win the tournament. This championship makes football lovers from all over the world show their best excitement. Most of them follow the game in order to support their favorite team. They will do several things to give that support such as wearing their team’s uniform or painting their team’s national flag on their face. This world competition is usually held once every four years.

This 2010 football tournament is the 19th football championship held in 2010. For the first time, South Africa is the country which was chosen as the organizer to hold the event. It beat the other two countries like Marocco and Egypt. In this country, there are several places selected to conduct a number of games, and they are Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, etc. The game was began from July 11, 2010.

In 2010, there were 32 counrtries which were qualified to join the championship. Those countries were divided into eight groups. Each group consisted of four countries. In group A, there were South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay and France. In group B, there were Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea and Greece. Britain, USA, Algeria and Slovenia were in group C. Group D had Germany, Australia, Serbia and Ghana. Group E included Netherlands, Denmark, Japan and Cameroon. In group F, it had Italy, Paraguay, Slovakia and New Zealand. Group G had Brazil, North Korea, Portugal and Ivory Coast. In the last group, which is group H, there were Spain, Switzerland, Honduras and Chile. These eight groups competed in the elimination round. As a result, there were 16 countries made through to the top 16 round. Those countries were Uruguay, Portugal, North Korea, Spain, USA, Japan, Ghana, Paraguay, Netherlands, Britain, Slovakia, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

On June 26, there were two matches going one, which were Uruguay with North Korea and USA with Ghana. The winning teams were Uruguay and Ghana. On the next day, Argentina defeated Mexico, and Germany stole four points from Britain. On June 28, Netherlands won the match from Slovakia, and Brazil collected three points from Chile. On June 29, both Paraguay and Japan got zero score so they had to do penalty shoot-out, which was won by Paraguay. Still on the same day, Spain got one score from Portugal.

The quarter-final was started from July 2 with two games, which were Uruguay versus Ghana and Netherlands versus Brazil. Uruguay and Netherlands won each game. Other four countries had their match on the next day. Germany won 4-0 from Argentina, while Paraguay lost the game from Spain with 0-1 score. The semifinal was held on July 6 and 7. On July 6, Netherlands was the winner after matching with Uruguay. Spain took one point from Germany on July 7. On July 10, Uruguay and Germany had a match to get the third place, and Germany won it with the score 3-2. The final game between Netherlands and Spain was held on July 11. The final result is that Spain took one point after getting an overtime. Therefore, Spain won the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which made Netherlands taking the second place.